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Does your Business Need a Marketing MakeOver?

02.16.16 | Workshops

Does Your Business Need a UPDATE: Due to the impending snowstorm, this workshop has been rescheduled for April 5th. Same time, same place. If you can make it, ...   Read More >>

7 Steps to Creating a Social Media Strategy that Generates Business

03.09.15 | Blogging

7 Steps to Generate a Social Media StrategyIn 2014, LinkedIn conducted a study to investigate how small businesses are using social media and whether their ...   Read More >>

Why Your Brand Needs to be Unique and Memorable

01.19.15 | Branding

Unique and Memorable Brand One of the main jobs your brand needs to perform is to clearly articulate how your company or service or product is ...   Read More >>

5 Characteristics of a Strong, Healthy Brand

08.28.14 | Branding

5-Characteristics-of-a-Strong-and-Healthy-Brand2 Strong, healthy brands don’t come from a one-time herculean effort, rather they are living breathing entities that build over time. You ...   Read More >>

Use Your Brand to Overcome Clients’ Fears and Make the Sale

08.05.14 | Branding

Using-Your-Brand-to-Overcome-Clients-FearsDoes your company sell a service? Are you an entrepreneur selling your expertise to your clients? Is it hard to get ...   Read More >>