Is Your Marketing On Target to Help Make Your Sales Goals?

06.15.16 | Branding

Marketing Accelerator WorkshopIt’s hard to believe that this year is halfway over already. Time flies! Given that, have you sat down and looked at your sales and marketing goals? Are you on target? Were your goals too vague, or not specific enough? Did you even create any goals to help keep you focused and on track?

Don’t panic if things are looking bleak! We can help you maximize your sales opportunities and still make 2016 a successful year.  To do so, you’re going to need a Killer Marketing Plan to help you focus on the right audience, right messaging, and right tactics to increase the number of leads, close ratios, sales and ultimately, profitability.

That’s why Bobi Siembieda of Conrad Business Results and I created a Marketing Strategy Accelerator Workshop to help business owners like yourself get focused on the results you want from your business and create a plan to achieve them.   

This half-day, Accelerated Workshop is designed to help business owners clearly identify:

  • Who You Are, What You Do, Why You Do It, and Who You Do It For – understand your unique value proposition and the components of your brand
  • Where You Are Headed – have an end point in mind to focus your energies and evaluate your progress
  • A Marketing Plan – The tactics you need to invest in to get your marketing message heard and create more sales opportunities


Stop wasting resources on the wrong marketing tactics!

Stop reacting to opportunities. Proactively create demand for your products or services!

Avoid the paralysis of not knowing what to do to attract your target customers!


We understand how busy business owners are and how precious your time is. We want to give you our guidance and the time to focus on making a difference in your business to finish the year strong. We have created the Accelerated Workshop to give you the gift of clarity, focus and ultimately successful growth. Space is limited so register today!

We are both passionate about helping business owners build their businesses and achieve their dreams. For over 20 years, we have been very successful in helping business owners breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they have a strong plan to follow to lead, execute, and succeed.

Workshop Details:

Friday, July 15th

Registration –  9 a.m.; Workshop – 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.


Illinois Institute of Technology

800 Jorie Blvd #100,

Oak Brook, IL 60523


Investment: $497, Early Bird Discount $397 until July 1st


To Register: Call Sue Kirchner at 847-963-1805 or email her at


A Little About Us

Bobi photoBobi Siembieda is a certified Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) implementer and speaker, helping business owners and the leadership teams of growing businesses to create VISION, experience TRACTION (executing with accountability and getting more done), and form HEALTHY cohesive teams. All to get what they want out of their business. Entrepreneurship and business ownership are in my DNA and I am passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. As an entrepreneur and an EOS implementer, I have worked with many diverse companies, which has given me an interesting perspective on success: the most successful companies executed a playbook. Learn more about how she can give business owners the gift of focus, clarity and simplicity.


Sue Kirchner LinkedIn ShotI, Sue Kirchner, am a speaker and branding “personal trainer” helping leaders build stronger, healthier brands for their business using blogging, speaking, and social media to tell their story and attract clients. She will help you look in the mirror and see yourself as others see you ( brand audits), create a “fitness” plan to meet your goals (strategy), train you on the “exercises” to strengthen your brand (marketing tactics), and even help you flex your muscles (done-for-you marketing services) when you need someone to spot you. Learn more about how I can help your company Brand Strong™.

Hurry and claim your spot today to get the gift of clarity, focus and ultimately successful growth. Call Sue Kirchner at 847-963-1805 or email me at