Meet Sue Kirchner

Hi! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Sue Kirchner and I help companies BRAND STRONG™.

Think of me as your Branding, Content, and Social Media Marketing Personal Trainer. I help you look in the mirror and see your brand as others see it (brand audits), create a “fitness” plan to tell your story and meet your business growth goals (strategy), train you on the “exercises” to strengthen your brand (marketing tactics), and even help you work out and flex your muscles (done-for-you marketing services) when you need someone to spot you.

Looking for a Speaker on Branding, Content, Video or Social Media Marketing?

Sue Kirchner helps audiences get excited about attracting more clients showing them how to identify what makes their company or personal brand unique and then tell that story in a way that is irresistible to clients.

Click to learn more about Sue’s most popular presentation topics or to book her for your next event give us a call at 847.963.1805.

Why Work with Sue?

Experience, Expertise, Results.

With 25 years of experience in helping companies of all sizes and industries tell their story and attract customers, I’ve seen what works and how to achieve results. When it comes to branding and marketing I’ve been lucky enough to do it all – qualitative research, focus group facilitation, insight analysis, competitive mystery shopping, launching and killing brands, reinventing and refocusing brands to be stronger, creating key messages, storytelling, visual branding, content creation, thought leadership branding, social media marketing, video marketing, and even international branding. Whew!

I get equally excited by learning and teaching. I get pumped up learning about a new business and it’s challenges, then digging in and looking for patterns and insights to help the business owner or leadership team see their unique value and a clear path for growth. I also get passionate about teaching others to take control of their business and tell their story. I’ve been told that in my workshops and trainings, I am knowledgeable, energetic, approachable, motivating and fun. That makes me feel awesome! I work hard to break down and translate vague and intimidating branding concepts so they are easy for business owners to understand.

These are my unique talents that bring successful results to your branding and marketing efforts.

Strategy First, then Action.

It always starts with a clear, agreed upon strategy. You need to make sure that the brand foundation is in order before investing in marketing tactics. What is your brand? Who is your ideal target market? What’s the best way to reach them? What differentiates you in a meaningful way to your ideal customers? What do you promise to deliver every time a customer works with you? Once you have grabbed someone’s attention, what do you want them to do next? When you work with us, we spend the time getting the strategy right first.

I’ve Walked in Your Shoes.
I am passionate about helping small and mid-size companies and entrepreneurs grow their business. Why? Because I have sat in your chair. I have had to make the same decisions as an entrepreneur. How is my company different? Which target market really appreciates the value I offer? Why are my online sales dropping? Where do I invest my marketing dollars? Why aren’t people finding me online? These are hard questions. I get that and have had to work through them. I can share what has worked for my clients and my own business to help your company brand stronger.


Business is hard, so I like to inject a little fun. Whether we’re in a strategy meeting, one of my workshops, or I’m showing you how to update your LinkedIn profile, I like to have fun and want you to enjoy your time with me. We’ll get stuff done, with a smile on our faces.