Strategy + Implementation

Vision without Action is a Daydream.
Action without Vision is a Nightmare.

Japanese Proverb

Jumping into marketing without a deep understanding of your brand, your target market, and a plan to reach them is a waste of time, energy and money. Sure, you might luck out and generate some leads but without purpose and the ability to measure your efforts, you’ll quickly become frustrated. Your efforts will not move you forward fast enough. On the flip side, a strategy that sits on a shelf with no action is just a decoration.

We give our clients value with a STRATEGIC DIRECTION and either the training to implement that strategy or outsourced services to make sure they aren’t failing to act and missing opportunities to grow. In fact, here’s what our clients say about the value we provide them.

Here’s how we can help you BRAND STRONG.


For organizations who need to strengthen or further define their brand to enter a new market or update dormant marketing to reflect their new products or service offerings, we help define – Who you are, who you service, and why you are the irresistible option. We also help clients with defining their employer brand, clearly communicating why someone should join the organization, to attract top talent and scale faster.

Using a four-phase process, we help companies see who they are, distinguish what makes them different in the marketplace, see where they are going in the future and communicate with clarity and consistency all to attract more clients. As an objective third party, we are able to investigate your organization from all sides to develop a clearer sense of how your stakeholders perceive you and what they value you for. The end result? Internal focus and cost savings with your marketing, advertising, business development as well as the ability to attract more profitable clients.

Company Identification  |  Brand Validation  |  Brand Identity Update  |  Customer Perceptions/ Satisfaction Report  |  Messaging & Positioning Jumpstart  | Employer Brand Strategy


For organizations in need of corporate name evaluation or corporate name change – usually as a result of a new service offering, changing competitive landscape or a merger or acquisition.

Through consensus building facilitation, we conduct creative learning activities geared towards better understanding why a company should or should not change their corporate name. Once a name change decision has been made, we lead the company down a systematic path of decision making – weighing all angles to determine what the new corporate name should be, establish visual identifiers that reflect the new name and bring it to life in the form of a new logo design.

Corporate Name Ideation & Evaluation  | Corporate Name Change Communication Strategy


For organizations looking to grow through a merger or acquisition, or for those organizations in need of internal and external clarification after undergoing a merger or acquisition. 

Brand management is essential during M&A activity. Pre-deal it is important to understand the brand equity of the firm you are merging with or acquiring. Post-deal, brand strategy is necessary in order to maintain stakeholder loyalty, drive the organization towards integration, and deliver cost savings. By working with the executive team to focus on the brand as the focal point for communicating the change within the organization, we help companies to focus on future growth, integrate faster, achieve additional cost savings by streamlining brand architecture, and maintain loyalty with customers, employees, investors, and suppliers.

Acquisition Target Brand Audits  | M&A Executive Alignment Strategy  | M&A Communications Consulting | Corporate Naming  | Brand Architecture Strategy


You need to tell your brand story to attract new clients, engage existing clients, and accelerate your growth. We can help you get your irresistible brand story out in the following ways:

  • Marketing Strategy Plan Development
  • Content Marketing: Strategy, Content Audits, Content Creation, Content Curation
  • Social Media Marketing: Strategy, Editorial Calendar Development, Training, Monthly Social Media Maintenance Packages
  • Copywriting Services: Website Content, Video Script, Social Media posts, Case Stories, Lead Magnets or Ebooks, Speaker Kits

DIY Brand Strong™ Workshops:

We also offer workshops in brand and marketing plan development, as well as content, video, and social media marketing to help our Do-it-Yourself clients.

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