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sue-kirchnerWelcome! I’m so glad you found us. My name is Sue Kirchner and I am the Founder of Brand Strong Marketing. I am passionate about helping business owners get focus and clarity around their brand to propel their business forward. You want a strong, healthy brand, right? So, how do you get started?

First, which category do you fall into?

Do-it-For-Me Do-it-Yourself


Want help discovering your company’s unique value? Ideas on how to make your brand more memorable? Creating target market personas to understand your customer inside and out that drives all of your marketing efforts? Telling your story in a way that attracts clients to you? Figuring out which social media platforms to use and what to say?

I can help you become Brand Strong™ by developing a killer strategy to help you attract more clients. Whether that is:

  • giving you an outside perspective on what makes your company distinctive;
  • crafting key brand messages that resonate deeply with your ideal target market;
  • speaking and educating your organization or team on all things branding, content, video, or social media marketing; and
  • stepping in with content, video, and social media services to kick-start or implement your strategy for you.

Learn more about our brand, content, and social media marketing services. Or, take a glance at what our customers are saying about how we help them get more customers faster, easier, and with less frustration.


For you DIY branding, blogging, and social media enthusiasts, I can offer guidance in the form of free resources, ebooks, workshops, one-on-one coaching or team trainings. I’ve been there, done that, made the mistakes, and can share my tips and tricks on how to see yourself clearly and attract more customers.

Think of me as your Branding Personal Trainer. I help small and mid-size businesses, freelance consultants, and start-up entrepreneurs build stronger, healthier brands that are irresistible to clients. Together we work on your “core” defining what you stand for, how you are unique, and why that’s meaningful to clients. Then I help you create the right “fitness plan” with activities that “feed” and strengthen your brand, all based on your goals and resources. Whether that is blogging, creating videos, or speaking to showcase your expertise and get clients to come to you, or using social media to engage with customers, we’ll have you standing out from the crowd and watching your business grow. Finally, I train you on how to execute on your plan and measure results.

Building a brand is a marathon, not a sprint and it does take commitment, but we support and motivate our clients along the way so they can succeed and be their very best.

DIY Brand Strong™ Workshops:

We also offer workshops in branding, blogging, and social media marketing to help our Do-it-Yourself clients. All of the Brand Strong Workshops are designed with the busy business people in mind. I know your time is precious. So, our workshops are designed so that I teach you how to do something and then we work on the challenge together. You get feedback from me and the other participants to validate your ideas and give you the confidence to proceed. You will walk out of the session with something in hand to implement the next day to start attracting more clients.

As Arthur Ashe said, “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”  Don’t be intimidated! Give me a call at 847.963.1805 today to Brand Strong™.


Sue Kirchner, founder of Brand Strong Marketing, gets audiences excited about attracting more clients showing them how to identify what makes their company or personal brand unique and then sharing best practices on how to tell that story through blogging, video, speaking and social media marketing.

Click to learn more about booking me for your next event, give me a call at 847.963.1805 or shoot me an email at [email protected].