12 Video Content Ideas to Attract New Customers

03.19.20 | Branding

12 Video Content IdeasWant to market your business more effectively and attract new customers? You need videos! This is our final blog post in our series on video marketing for small and mid-sized businesses so they can stand out, grab attention, and be irresistible to their clients. We discussed why video is so important to attract customers, what three videos every business needs, and how to get more people to watch your videos. Today, we want to inspire you with ideas to continue to create videos to keep your content fresh and interesting, as well as help to promote your brand and expertise.

Here are 12 video content ideas any small or mid-size business can create.

  1. Tell Your Brand Story – Create a 1-2 minute video explaining “Why you?” Tell viewers what you do, why that offers them value, and how you are different from the competition. Make sure this is easy to find on your website. (You can see more on the all important Brand Story video here.)
  2. “How To” or Tutorial videos. Often called explainer videos, these videos offer viewers a lot of value. These types of videos can be used to show how to solve a common problem (offering value and showcasing your expertise). Or they can show the viewer how your product or service works to solve their problem.
  3. Industry Interviews. Be seen as an expert by interviewing thought leaders in your industry. Interviews are easy videos to create because you and your guest can act more natural, talking to each other instead of the camera. You can do these in person or use Zoom to record your conversation. (A side benefit may be that the person being profiled will probably help you promote the post to their audience, which gives you more traffic to your site.)
  4. Educate on your Industry. To provide value to newcomers to your industry, you can use a blog post to define key terms or processes commonly used in your industry. While this content may not be directly geared towards customers, it shows that you are an authority in your industry, which builds trust.
  5. Highlight your Unique Process or Experience. In many cases, HOW your company solves a client’s problem is what makes you unique. Show them how your design, manufacture and test your products. For service businesses, this is especially important because they can’t see, touch, and feel what they are buying. So,show them the process you go through and what they will experience if they work with you. If you host events, give them a taste of the experience.
  6. Problem-Solution. By illustrating a problem that you know your audience may have and highlighting a potential solution, you offer value. You can do this as a case story on how you helped a client or simply identify a common problem you see in the market and how you would propose to solve it.
  7. Customer Testimonials. Don’t tell your prospects how great your company is. Ask your customers to do it … on video. Seeing a customer talk about how much you helped them, as opposed to reading it, boosts credibility dramatically. (Read more on customer video testimonials here.)
  8. Showcase Key Employees. Highlight and profile someone in your department each month. These posts are important to showcase the knowledge and expertise that resides within your staff, but it also humanizes your people to create trust and a deeper relationship.
  9. Company Culture. Don’t forget about creating videos that will help you recruit the right people to work at your company. Create a video that explains your culture and why your company is a great place to work. Interview some of your employees to build trust and credibility. Again, even though this content isn’t client focused, it tells the story of who you are and what you value. If a customer is attracted to those values, that may sway them to work with you over a competitor. People, especially Millenials, buy from companies they like and admire.
  10. Film a webinar. Hosting a webinar to either educate, demo a product or solution, or build excitement for an upcoming conference? Film it and let people watch the replay. If the content is evergreen, promote and run it several times a year to generate leads.
  11. Event Videos. Going to an industry event that many of your customers can’t attend? Create a live video from the event to share what you thought were the highlights. Or, hosting a conference that some of your customers can’t travel to? Create a video of your speakers and presentations as an alternative way to deliver your message. Your customers will appreciate the effort.
  12. FAQ Videos. Post the answer to something that your customers ask you quite frequently. Or engage with your audience on your blog or on your social media accounts and ask them what questions they would like answered in future videos.

Make it a goal to create a new video each month to grab your target market’s attention, build trust, showcase your brand, and make it easier to close sales. A few of these videos, like your Brand Story video, should be professionally produced but the rest can be easily done with a smartphone, good lighting, and an external microphone.

If you enjoyed this video marketing series, please feel free to share it with other small business owners looking to grow their business faster and easier.

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Until then, Brand Strong!

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