3 Videos Every Small Business Needs on their Website

03.18.20 | Branding

3 Videos You Need to Generate More Business

We are running a series on video marketing for small and mid-sized businesses so they can stand out, grab attention, and be irresistible to their clients. In our last post, we shared statistics that if you want to reach customers and prospects, video is THE way to do it. Video is a powerful branding tool that can differentiate you from your competitors, reinforce your brand messaging, and help attract potential clients to your website. Videos also help with getting you noticed online.

There are a lot of ways you can use video to share your brand story. But, you need to do it strategically. What do you want people to know and remember about your company? What information is needed to help them see the value your offer? What will make them trust that you can deliver on your brand promise?

A lot of companies make the mistake of trying to answer these questions by cramming everything into one video. Don’t do it! You are actually better off with shorter, more focused videos. People just don’t have the attention span to watch more than two minutes unless you are telling them how to do something.

So, let’s get started and share the three videos every company’s website needs to generate more business.

Brand Story Video

The first video you need on your site is your Brand Story. This video explains what your company does, who you do it for, and how you do it differently than anyone else. Basically, you are going to tell people, why they should work with you and how your company provides them with the most value.

When people land on your site from a search this video will tell them if they are in the right place or not. A good Brand Story video will leave the viewer wanting more, and prompt them to explore your website or get in touch.

So, think of it as your commercial, your ad, the one you need to grab attention to be considered. Since you have one chance to make a great first impression, we recommend that you invest in this having this video professionally done.

Typically, this type of brand story video is 90 to 120 second in length and goes right on your home page.

The main reason this story is important to have in video form is because people do business with other people. Relationships build trust and trust leads to purchases. It’s way easier to create a relationship with someone you can see and hear. It helps build credibility. If you can’t meet with someone face-to-face the next best thing is video. Your potential clients can see you, hear you, and start to form an impression of your expertise. So, the business owner, key salesperson, or other employee that the client will work with should be showcased on the video. That doesn’t mean 60 seconds of a talking head, but if you want to build a relationship, we need to see YOU.

In addition to telling how you serve your clients and building trust, having a Brand Story video on your home page is also important for SEO. Video increases conversion and engagement rates more than any other digital content. Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%.

Video Success Tip: The first 5 seconds of every video are key – get straight to the point. What are you going to do for them?

Why and How You’ll Work with Us

Sue Kircher Brand Strong VideoThe second video you need shares the Why and How of working with you. It gives the details behind your brand promise including how are you able to deliver on the promise you make. The video can focus on your products, services, the unique processes you use to deliver value to the customer, or your people.

Show off your product features. What makes you different from competitive offerings? Is it cheaper? Why? Is it better? Show us why. Show off your state-of-the art processing plant or manufacturing line.

If you run a service business – showcase your people. Let your people talk about why they love their job, how they spend their time helping customers, and how they solved certain problems.

This video should be about 2-3 minutes. Why longer? Because you intrigued them with the first video by making a promise. So now the customer is more invested and interested in you, so they are willing to give you more time to find out how you deliver.

Testimonial Videos

The third video shouldn’t be you on camera at all. We need to hear some love from your customers. You need video testimonials. Video testimonials are the next best thing to a “word-of-mouth” referral. Seeing and hearing someone speak highly of your company instantly builds trust and goodwill. It doesn’t matter what your business or industry is, having a strong customer testimonial or case study is essential.

If you’re in a service-related industry where your customer needs to take a leap of faith that you will be able to deliver what you promise, video testimonials should go right on your home page. Otherwise, use them to spice up other pages like your service or product pages.

Seeing and hearing clients speak about their personal experience with your brand helps build trust, so a relationship can be formed. Testimonials help convert more sales and move your customers further down the sales pipeline.

How do you get these? Ask! Going to see your customer at a conference or trade show? Ask if you can film them. Or, host a Zoom or video call and interview them while you film it. Go to their office or plant. Just make sure you have good lighting and a good microphone to capture a good video.

Video Success Tip: Don’t think you have to fit everything and the kitchen sink into your video. You are better off focusing on the one or two things you want your prospect to understand and remember from the video rather than throwing everything at them. Focus your script!

So, now that you know what three videos you need, make a plan to get them done.

Our next blog in this series will share tips and ideas on what to do with your videos once they are done. Filming your video only gets you halfway there. You need people to watch it, so we are going to tell you how to do that with ideas on where to post your video and how to optimize it for search.

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