Does Your Business Need a Marketing Makeover Questionnaire

02.07.17 | Branding

makeoverDo you feel like your marketing is just not working anymore? It may be time for a marketing makeover. Marketing is not a “Set It and Forget It” kind of activity. Things change. Important things that could affect your business change.

In fact, in one of my latest blog posts, 6 Reasons Why you Need a Marketing Makeover, I give business owners 6 reasons why your need to refresh your marketing because it could be hurting, not helping you.

To help you see if a marketing makeover needs to move to the top of your to-do list this year, take this marketing audit.  Your answers will help you see if you need to just refresh your marketing strategy and tactics or give them a complete makeover to attract more clients.

Answer yes or no to each of these questions.


1. I have my elevator speech nailed down and I deliver it the same way, every time.

2. My marketing material has a polished, professional look.

3. All of my marketing touch points are consistent – same look, same message.

4. I really know what my customers want and value most from us.

5. My marketing material talks more about my customer than about me.

6. My marketing messages are different from those of my competitor.

7. I update and evaluate my marketing strategy and tactics every year.

8. I have a mechanism to capture my customer and prospect data.

9. I consistently showcase my expertise by sharing valuable content.

10. I communicate regularly with my customers and prospects.


If you answered “No” less than four times, your marketing may just need a refresh.

If you answered “No” more than four times, it’s time for a complete makeover.

What should you do now? Don’t get overwhelmed! Create a marketing plan for the year and pencil in time each month to work on updating your marketing. Each step gets you further along on the journey to Brand Strong.™

Before you update your web site, jump on social media, or film your first marketing video you need to have your Brand Story down pat. Your brand messaging needs to be crystal clear on what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it better than anyone else.


To help you nail that down, I’m giving away my ebook 10 Questions to Ask Your Customers to Identify Your Unique Brand.”

Ready to Brand Strong and Attract More Clients?

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