5 Ways to Say Thank You Using Social Media

Twitter thank you

Social media is all about creating relationships and interacting with people who are important to your company like customers, prospects, employees, suppliers, partners, referrers. An easy way to build or strengthen the relationship you have with someone is to say thank you every now and then. While I am a huge fan of giving and receiving hand-written thank you notes because they are so rare these days, social media channels also provide a unique way to show gratitude. In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share some ideas on how to show appreciation using social media.

Why is this such a great idea? Thanking people on social media not only shares your gratitude with the recipient, but it also provides a public shout out to those individuals you are recognizing. You make them feel good about being appreciated but as a bonus you make them look good to their peers.

Here are 5 easy ways to thank people:

  • Write a recommendation on LinkedIn. LinkedIn recommendations carry some serious weight for building credibility and supporting a brand message. Not only will people appreciate you writing a recommendation for them but they might be inspired to write one back for you. Extra bonus.
  • Public shout-outs! Say thank you on Twitter but instead of sending a direct message, use their twitter handle to send the message – “Thank you @SueSmith!” That way all of your followers and all of THEIR followers see the message too.
  • Share posts with your followers. For example, if someone writes a great blog post or article on a topic you think your social media connections would like then share it. Give them access to your audience for a wider reach.
  • Leave a comment. If you write a blog or spend time trying to engage with others on social media you know what a great feeling it is to receive a good comment or any kind of feedback that someone appreciates your work. So, add to their conversation and help build more engagement.
  • Showcase them on your blog. The next time you write a blog post put a link to the person’s blog, web site, social media page or LinkedIn profile to give them a nice link back. Some fun ways to do this would be to interview them for a post on your blog allowing them to showcase their business or expertise. Ask them to contribute to a round up post like “10 Experts give us their best social media tips.”  Allow them to submit a guest post to your blog. Create a list post like “Best Women Business Owners to Follow on Twitter” and include them in the list. Or for an employee, do a monthly employee profile on your blog or social media sites and share a little about that employee.

Make thanking people an important part of your social media strategy all year long, not just around Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and safe travels!