{Webinar} Leverage your Customer Journey to Ignite your Growth

04.28.20 | Branding

I wanted to let you know about a free webinar I am hosting with Parissa Behnia of Sixense Strategy to help small and mid-size business owners ignite their growth during this pandemic and beyond. Parissa and I talked with our clients to see what their new struggles were, now that everything has changed, and how we could best help them. We created this webinar, and a Mastermind we’ll announce later, to help them with their biggest issue – igniting their growth again.

If this speaks to you, we’d love for you to register and join us. Here are the details:

Webinar: Leverage your Customer Journey to Ignite Your Growth


You’ve worked hard these past few years to scale your business. You were starting to see some traction. But then the pandemic hit.

Now you are worried about the health of your business and employees. Worried about your customers’ health, and wondering if your customers will still be your customers when the fog clears.

When this pandemic subsides, business will resume. But it will be different. And those that take the time to make changes, will stand out and succeed.

There is one thing that will differentiate companies that accelerate their growth and succeed vs. those that flounder and struggle.

That one thing is focusing on the customer experience.

With this crisis upsetting everything in business, particularly marketing and sales, how you adapt and re-ignite your momentum may be the most important strategic focus to sustain and even boost profitability.

Customers still need help. But their priorities and their needs may have changed. This is the perfect time to step back, assess the state of your business, and refresh how you serve customers.

rocketWant to see explosive growth? Focus on the customer experience. That means, taking the time to get to know your customers intimately – their wants, needs, fears, challenges, aspirations, and pain points. One key strategic tool to help you understand your customers intimately is to create a customer journey map.

Join Parissa Behnia, of Sixense Strategy and Sue Kirchner, of Brand Strong Marketing, in this free webinar where we will share how to leverage your customer journey to ignite growth.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What the customer experience entails and how it should drive your marketing and sales strategies
  • The business case for customer journey maps
  • 3 steps necessary to create a customer journey map
  • What to do with your customer journey map to enhance your brand and accelerate sales


Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Noon CST

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Even if you can’t make it at that time, please register and we’ll send you the replay link afterwards.

We hope you can join us. Parissa & Sue

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